Finding Authenticity In Chaos

SEGA L'éveilleur®
4 min readDec 8, 2022

When a real man buys a virtuous woman something, he is not putting a price on her approval but reflecting Christ while basking in the warmth of her joy in appreciation of his benevolence. Triggering happiness in others helps us find our own in an ineffable way. Love, life and happiness can’t be bought.

People wonder why a woman would give her all for a man who could care less, but they forget how priceless it feels to see another soul you love express joy because of an action of another. What we do when we could have ignored matters a great deal.

Some of us can’t even complain or find words for our pains and agony. We simply convert the hurt and channel all our being into making life better for others and through their expression of joy, we find our comfort. There are very few people that know my pains and travails in my life journey as I upgrade my adversity quotient daily.

It has nothing to do with the lack of anything, I grew up being responsible for myself but that culture soon made me a threat to many. You know how it is when you are liked provided you keep your mouth shut and do as told.

Unfortunately, I am a disrupt and non conformist. Imagine how being yourself across fields intimidate others. People with this kind of disposition create an adaptive feature of being their own company. But society has a name for that too. How do you find authenticity in a society that prefers you a certain way?

What makes me happy is never anything you can touch or see tangibly. It is those expressions we can hardly find words for. It is those priceless moments that get burned into the brain never to be erased until our time is done on earth. It is that belly laugh and genuine smiles from a graceful and thankful heart, who believes strongly that it only could have been God showing up through you to come through for him/her at that critical moment that would have changed the course of their life journey for good.

You probably don’t know who your true friends are until you manifest in purpose. People who haven’t found their uniqueness hardly embrace people around them who embodies discipline in purpose. They will remain a threat and subject of envy. This is how our society responds.

You will however know that you have found favor before the Lord when you have the kind of team I have. Genuine souls that understand how complex it gets to stand for something in a society as vile as ours. People who treat you with dignity despite the age difference.

There are people who I don’t even qualify to be their steward, who express profound love, respect and exemplary leadership in equity to our cause. They have been there all the way even in moments when it was reasonable to give it all up. These are the real Heroes.

Life is not about the pursuit of happiness for happiness is intrinsic. It is a journey into fulfillment. This happens when your name or cause creates a dent visible enough for generations to build upon. This is all that matters not the commercial vanity we allow ourselves to be distracted by.

I am living, loving and enjoying every bit of my life journey. Indeed the word of God is true…All things are working for the good of those that love God and work in His purpose. Things don’t always have to go your way, when the unexpected happens, just know God’s got you covered.

Many years of my life was spent wondering why people react to being real with animosity. People look at you and feel apprehension telling themselves you are too good to be true. I wonder why the apprehension, it is like it hurts to admit people can actually be good or believe in the good of othera.

I have come to realize that outliers in society however well meaning will cause many to re-evaluate their own lives. The wise will take a lesson and the fools will judge themselves and project their hate. Because you can’t be altruistic should not mean others can’t as well.

Relationships (social integration) matters a lot if we must live a fulfilling life. Every life matters. Everyone counts. What you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. I have read this, live the word and see it manifest. This is an opportunity for you to change.

To truly live, you must be able to empathize and value the life of another. You must be able to see from the perspective of others and feel their beating hearts. If you can make their innermost desire happen even before they can find courage to ask, God will surprise you also.

I don’t know who this is for but I believe the words will find you and give you the peace you so desire. You need not do anything extra to be accepted. Just be yourself and focus on purpose. I dare say to you that You Are Enough!

I definitely believe you live in a dysfunctional and dying society if you constantly feel the need to tell people that you don’t expect anything back from anyone by being exceptional. There is such a thing as ecclesiastical altruism. It exists. Live with it even if you can’t be it. 🎙️



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