When The Truth is Ignored: The Unheeded Security Predictions of 2020

I grew up hearing about the social construct that mandates us to design a wishlist for Christmas and adopt a New Year resolution that literally represents all that we will never follow up on in the year in question. If the account of the deficits in the fulfillment of these notes to self were to be taken into consideration, many people will drown in them with our politicians leading in the self genocidal trajectory of failed promises.

There are critical issues to address and the most important of which is our population. We are the largest democracy in Africa and a lot is expected of us. Our huge youth population must be prioritized especially as we dangerously head toward 400m come 2030, with no direction, while we hope that God of creation will direct our causes, which are majorly far from noble, guide or irresponsible rulers right and divinely help our mostly misguided youth the truth to know in our dying society across municipality.

I strongly believe there will be a growing trend in awakening in the year 2020 and the vulnerable in society will rise up to their responsibility in becoming active citizens. This would mean that a lot is expected of leaders of repute to lead by example from where they are especially in situations where political leaders have failed.

It is time to raise and galvanize a critical mass of youthful transformational leaders and enlightened followers who are easy to govern, difficult to rule and impossible to enslave. This new crop of leaders will not be difficult to identify across industries as they will match their words with their deeds as they influence their immediate community and society at large.

They will be calm, but alert, relaxed but ready, smooth, but sharp and humble, but confident. They will project the erstwhile ineffable ‘Nigerian identity’ that sets us apart from others. The question, however, remains how our weak institutions and political rulers mostly projecting the failure of their wards upon our youth will engage the demand for accountable, transparent and credible governance.

This is actually the revolution the rulers fear. It won’t involve the burning of tyres or the destruction of the scanty and already derelict public infrastructure and amenities. We are going into a year of accountability and deep reflection, where affront to decency will no longer be tolerated or normalized. Our humanity and moral standing will no longer be lowered or traded for crumbs.

The flames being lit by the enlightened youth of now in their huge numbers can not be extinguished but must be engaged and directed to brighten up the age-long crevices deliberately left obscured to preserve the avarice of old guards in the political scheme of things.

It is time to realize that our population is no longer proliferated by a generation of men with no ambition, who are content with the fact that happiness has eluded them by the divisive schemes of those perpetuating themselves in power. A whole lot is about to change to the advantage of the people especially the vulnerable in society.

The youth you once looked down upon are all rising with frenzy (that you may see as irrational) controlled by reason and self-reflection. It is advisable we learn their language and engage in a way that they would learn from us. No country progresses without the wisdom of the elders and the strength of the youth.

They may not be as expressive or as academic (thanks to the systemic destruction of education and the prioritization of indoctrination in the bid to create entitled dependents wielding cardboards for underemployment opportunities). As they say, “Conviction introduces emotion, which is the enemy of oratory.”

We can all agree nothing gets easier, it is time to take cognizance of the fact that we are getting better and the struggle is raising resilient and tenacious world changers, who will no longer submit to oppression. Nigerians are no longer who they used to be.

The Nigeria Police will need to make bolder adjustment towards ending impunity of officers and this will be aided by the final passing of the Police Reform Bill at the floor of the House of Representatives in concurrence with the Senate passing of the Bill, which will eventually see the passing of the Bill into Law by the President. This is essential to finally put an end to the incessant brutality and bridge the gap with the society.

It is expected that with the rising awareness of the public and the political will thus created via effective and altruistic advocacy of SIAF (Social Intervention Advocacy Foundation) in the past few years in collaboration with other civil society organizations, more institutions will be strengthened towards the achievement of the sustainable development goal 16 (Peace, Justice and strong institution).

There will be a lot of confrontations in 2020 and how the police (closest authority to the people) respond will determine the way they are perceived and engaged going forward. Government will be expected to be more responsible with the way insurgency and insecurity is addressed being their topmost responsibility in order to secure the nation and people. It won’t be business as usual.

— Segun Awosanya 2020

First published: ThisDayLive January 6th 2020👉🏽 https://www.thisdaylive.com/index.php/2020/01/06/security-expectations-for-2020-2/



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