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There is no doubt that Nigeria as a republic has never been under so much strain from agents of chaos, that sees democratic leadership as a conquest by their sect, clan or the political opportunists they are loyal to and worship as god.

“One of the painful signs of years of dumbed-down education is how many people are unable to make a coherent argument. They can vent their emotions, question other people’s motives, make bold assertions, repeat slogans — anything except reason.” — Thomas Sowell

The Nigeria of today is proliferated by hypnotized youth in dangerous groups with the sole aim of ensuring evil continues to wreck havoc on the land. They kept mum when the people are oppressed, insofar their sentiments and personal interests are guaranteed. Even when the people move on to help themselves around socio-political issues, these homegrown psychological terrorists will want to control such interventions with blackmail and untruths.

I wish I could tell Nigerians that the current abysmal incompetence of the populist government of now will be over quickly but this will be an error from various professional viewpoint. You won’t sit at home and hear such announcement until we all apply ourselves and be involved in the trenches to bring about the (#NewNigeria) Nigeria of our Dreams.

I wish I could tell fellow citizens that they have seen the worst, but honestly, we are just scratching the surface of what lies beneath. Despite the litany of aberrations and abominations, you will notice that utterly shocking events are still being applauded and justified by others, perhaps even in the majority (depending on the platform you find yourself).

The main question here is how long we are going to continue to tolerate their intolerance? Please don’t say protests because you are dealing with people who are a Protest movement themselves and have mastered tooling the foolishness of the mob. They have mastered the language of tagging dissenting voices with corruption but while in power, they eat, sleep, breathe and drink corruption and grand heists.

The way out of this is for opposition parties to ensure they are not in disarray. They must align their forces and form a single coalition in blocks of competencies. Power sharing and professional coordination hinged on competency must be prioritized as against personal agenda of certain political figures. Suffice to say they must put Nigeria first.

The election of 2019 will not be between the Broom and the Umbrella but it will be between the the enemies of our democracy and a compendium of Patriots who have sacrificed their personal cum political ambition to restore hope in the #NewNigeria by putting the country back on track. It will be a choice between Life and Death, Oppression and Freedom, Democracy and Fiefdom and between the forces of Light and agents of Darkness.

People asking for whom to elect may be symptomatic of the political illiteracy that permeates our polity. Education is derelict and disinformation may have rewired the thinking of the populace in parts. No one should be given the power to tell you who to vote for. Look into the eyes of your loved ones and children and vote for anyone that represents the future you hope to bequeath to them.

If you want them hounded by police on trumped up charges and gunned down on the streets like dogs extrajudicially, you already know who to vote for to make that continue, while they claim they are unaware.

But if you want to live in a country where freedom is guarantee for all, where the rule of law is sacrosanct, where people see governance as Service to the people and not oppression of the people, through evil policies, a country where you don’t have to know anyone to be protected or thrive, then you will look deeper beyond the noise and vote a listening leader, competent, capable, conscientious, credible, conscious, responsible, astute, enlightened and void of religious and ethnic bigotry.

The power remain in your hands. Get your PVC because already #PVCisAGoal. It from here that we demand the Change we hope to see. Our common ground remains the kind of country we hope to leave behind for our children. True and genuine leaders focus on legacy, while oppressors will forever scheme to perpetuate themselves in power just to maintain status quo. We are tired and have become enemies of those who want the madness to continue because they are benefitting from it.

It may take a major disaster to undo what we currently have but have faith that it will be undone. We have given them time enough, just as some chanted, hoping a miracle will happen but those making the noise will never turn against the beast they are riding on because they know they will become its Food. Their obsession with control has ruined our institutions and undermined civil society, while oppressing and gagging the press/media: just look at the police and weep for Nigeria.

The one way ticket to authoritarianism will not stand. Affliction will not repeat itself. Almost 4years now and we are still debating about the path Nigeria is on? Are we teenagers still celebrating with visceral excitement of voting a pseudo messiah, while perishing under oppression?

The populist’s favorite style of government is opposing the opposition while blood flows across the land. We now know that there are numerous villages between their promises and what they actually deliver. It is time to break the chains of mental slavery.

First published on Nigerian Tribune Online 110818



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