On This Day in 2014 (June 19th) A speech delivered by ‘Segun Awosanya at a round table conference on the visible achievements of the Goodluck Jonathan Administration -@segalink

Honorable ministers, panelists, members of the press/media, Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen of my dear country. I greet you as shapers of the Nigerian society.

One would think our pain and heartbreak as a nation is unprecedented in the history of the world, but then YOU read. It was books that taught me that the things that tormented me were the very things that connected me with all humanity.

Most of the whiners are not readers, they think they are victims and blame others for their issues. Their mantra is always “The Government has failed and that’s why I’ve not made progress!” They are the ones who create myths around mediocres for the sake of having a hero or messiah to worship. Indeed, they absolve themselves of personal responsibility for success by placing that burden on one leadership or another.

They are the Cluster readily hypnotized by frivolities, religious extremism and falsehood… The “Change” Chanters, the easily impressed, the highly intolerant who glorify the highly corrupt and believe the very same would fight corruption. They never and would never take responsibility and mostly constitute (or begin to constitute) the poverty stock of the nation.

The American Senator of yore, Daniel Webster once said “God grants liberty only to those who love it and are always ready to guard and defend it”. I want to believe that this August occasion will further impress on our youths our need to resolve our ideals. The future is ours and it does not belong to invalid septuagenarians whose only ambition is self aggrandizement.

We need to begin to ask real questions, the ones that matter.

To the rational mind, everyone deserves to air their opinions freely without coercion, we may not always agree but must be ready to defend to death the rights of others to express themselves in freedom. This must have informed the historic decision of Mr President to pass the Freedom of Information Bill while past leaders had gained notoriety for suppressing the freedom speech.

Tonight is one of those nights where history is made, the youths of this nation must begin to understand that the doctor of the future will not focus on curative pills and potions, but will instead educate his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease. Likewise the leaders who will chart the path to Nigeria’s promised land would not lead a procession in the praise of an ambiguous phantasmagoric “Golden Calf” standing on an illusionary alter of CHANGE that regresses our resolve.

In the words of former Foreign Minister, professor Bolaji Akinyemi, “The process of nation building usually proceeds from clarity of thought. Thoughts are built on reflections and ideas. The advanced nations we have in the world today are manifestations of the thoughts of their founders and leaders. When these thoughts are properly articulated and actually used, the inevitable result for these nations is greatness. I dare say as often stated “Ideas rule the World”.

Transformation is here no doubt, it’s like the wind, we feel its impact however subtle it is for the now. The administration of President Goodluck Jonathan essentially epitomizes vision which is certainly, steadily and consistently being translated into action. From Economic Management, Job Creation, Non-Oil Exports, Credit Rating, Financial Markets, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Ports, Rail, Waterways, Aviation, Power, Roads, Agriculture, Housing, Manufacturing, ICT, Health, Education, YouWin, ArmedForces, Security, Political Institutional Reforms, Sports, Environment, Niger Delta, to The Creative Industry just to mention a few, things are being surely and steadily transformed for the best.

Aligning my thoughts with those of legendary journalist, Theodore H.White, “Whether a man is burdened by power or enjoys power; whether he is trapped by responsibility or made free by it; whether he is moved by other people and outer forces or moves them — this is of the essence of leadership”.

A good youthful friend of ours was quoted recently as he said: “Our future may lie beyond our vision, but it is not completely beyond our control. It is the shaping impulse of Nigeria that neither fate nor nature nor the irresistible tides of history, but the work of our own hands, matched to reason and principle that will determine our destiny. There is pride in that, even more arrogance, but there is also experience and truth. In any event, it is the only way we can live”.

We have all have come together to interface intellectually, share our resolve and contribute to that which begins the journey to the path of Nationhood. Without an iota of doubt, let me say to you unequivocally…#GEJWinsIt (He’s succeeded where others have failed, which is not to say he is blameless or perfect but based on the transformation we can see and verify, he is highly commended).

You’re warmly welcome.



Technologist, Strategist, Analyst, Consultant, WealthMgr/Realtor, Perception & Crisis Controller At Aliensmedia Communications. Founder/President SIAF.

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Technologist, Strategist, Analyst, Consultant, WealthMgr/Realtor, Perception & Crisis Controller At Aliensmedia Communications. Founder/President SIAF.