How To Fortify Your Socialmedia Engagements

SEGA L'éveilleur®
3 min readFeb 24


Many years ago I decided to document my thoughts in a public journal and I have not regretted this for a day in 15years. I have been asked by most how I cope with trauma tantrums of folks whose existential crisis are indicted by my thoughts, and my response has always been the commitment to the ability to put things in proper perspective being an innovative, independent, strategic, logical, reserved, insightful and one driven by his own original ideas tailored towards the achievement of excellence in continuous improvement (INTJ).

Nothing beats self awareness because attitude is hundred percent and our perception of the issue most times creates 99% of what we often define the problem as. So in our interactions we must realize that our past experiences are shaping our perception of this present moment and it is instructive to ask ourselves, if we are seeing the situation in question for what it is, or we are viewing it through the lens of our insecurity. The later is usually the case in most emotionally driven toxic engagement. It is all about the projection of personal fears and failures unto others to punish.

Most of the time other people’s pasts are shaping their perception of us. If what they’re projecting onto you doesn’t resonate, it is instructive not to internalize it. Their issues aren’t always about you but an unresolved problem buried within them and weaponized against anyone they are intimidated by.

We must avoid also the trap of thinking everyone is an idiot with an unresolved problem. Sometimes it is about you and we must never stop questioning ourselves (the man in the mirror) towards course correction especially if multiple logical, objective and concerned people give us similar criticism. There must be something they have noticed in you that you can’t see that calls for review via introspection.

The main idea is to learn to make people care, (especially for most that may have read the Art Of Not Giving a Fuck). This was how we engineered most of our advocacies enough to accomplish common ground. It doesn’t work by belligerence, prejudices or identity politics of hate. It begins with conscientiousness and self awareness.

No human is perfect and we all have emotional blindspots, or harmful behaviors that unintentionally hurt the people around us. Being open to unflattering feedback helps us grow into better versions of ourselves. When you’ve been told you’ve hurt somebody, believe them. Whether it was intentional on your end or not and make amends with active listening and genuine change of attitude.

Build the most formidable business, swim the deepest sea or accomplish the loftiest of goals, chances are that you may not be remembered or known for most of these things as long as you are alive by those digging for faults or weaknesses to deploy as a compensation for their own failures. A single human error or misdemeanor will seal your fate and the world will not remember any of your good but that unfortunate human error.

I have learnt to judge my emotions less and reflect on them more. Understanding where they stem from will

allow you to observe your emotions rather than getting absorbed by them. Human beings are creatures of habits and we may often be tempted to make choices that are familiar but no longer serve us. At this point we must ask ourselves if this really what we really want, or is it just based on the limitation of our exposure.

Socialmedia (yes the most toxic end of the pool — Twitter) has helped me see differently in a decade and 5years enough to know that the more familiar you are with people the better you can love them, and same goes with ourself. The more self aware (mentally aware) we are on a deeper level, the better we appreciate the gifts that has been deposited within us, void of allowing the envy of other people’s achievement rob us of our joy.

Beyond who you are today, a clear picture of who you are becoming can be perceived if self awareness is prioritized.



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