Beyond The Illusion

SEGA L'éveilleur®
3 min readFeb 6, 2023

In a dying society, a MOVEMENT is often confused with PROGRESS & this not necessarily the case. You can always run in places & get nothing done to genuinely improve anything but make things worse.

The feel good effect (dopamine) will soon wear out with a cold splash of reality!

My position remains the same… You need no messiah but the awakening of the electorates. The power has always been in the hands of the 99% if not for human conditions that erodes rational thoughts.

No Politician is a saint, all we need is one who understands the system enough.

Our dilemma is not going to get easier by demonizing anyone or blaming political acronyms. That has never solved any problem but establish the notoriety of ideologues & political utopians living in a bubble without taking responsibility for their blunders.

Vote your conscience!

Don’t let expired interest groups lure you into yet another needless bloodshed. Election is not war. Angry vote is a myth. You are being rigged against your own interest by people seeking what/whom to control. It doesn’t end in voting your chosen candidate, the real responsibility lies in knowing what’s at stake enough to make a sensible decision and follow through by holding whoever emerges accountable. The real issue is with the system that needs fixing & sentiments won’t facilitate the needed political will.

While we expect the maturity of the adults involved in the political decision, understand that every citizen eligible to vote and armed with the PVC reserves the right to vote without coercion or intimidation. We can only hope/pray that we are on the same page for all our sakes.

Whatever the outcome of the process, let’s respect it provided it is free and fair. If there is any additional contribution you need to make, let it be in the area of evidence gathering. Volunteer to work as agents of your political party and understand the process.

Democracy in sane climes depends on shared truth and we can all agree it is in retreat in our society and autocracy (shared lies) is gaining grounds. Irredentists, ethnic and religious bigots and ideologies once confined to the fringe are now boldly going mainstream.

I agree with the notion that it is as if the age of reason, the era of evidential argument is ending and knowledge is increasingly delegitimized and scientific consensus is dismissed. Little wonder fake news outperforms real news and as studies shows, lies spreads faster than the truth.

Those who make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. On the internet, anything can appear legitimate. The rantings and tantrums of a raving lunatic often seem as credible as the findings of a Nobel price winner.

Any MOVEMENT fueled by hatred, bigotry, belligerence and prejudice cannot yield any positive result beyond the creation of factions and chaos, which hardly build nations. It is the same mindset that created the problem you claim you hope to solve. This is not the way to progress.




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